People from my Neighbourhood

November 24th, 2014

This is Trish, a lady from my neighbourhood. I have noticed her many times before because of her distinctive hair, and she seemed to always have her little white dog with her.

NEP_9450 copy

She was pretty amazed that I wanted to photograph her, she thought she was too old and had too many wrinkles. She told me a lot about her life, the fact that she is almost 77, has had three abusive husbands, and as many broken jaws. She now prefers dogs, and was still feeling the loss of her white dog, Baby, whom she’d had for 14 years as a companion.

NEP_9379 copy

A friend recently arranged for her to take in Frodo, he is 11 and he is just about the right age for her, she says.

I did enjoy this photo shoot, Trish has so much personality, I think she looks just gorgeous, we both wondered why more old people dont have long hair?

This is Frodo, Trish’s new friend, I hope they will enjoy a long and happy time together.



  1. Pauline Gallie says:

    Beautiful woman. Great photos great story. I’ve been hassled by friends to cut my hair but I enjoy it long . When my pony tail bounces it gives me more bounce in life. Cheers

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Pauline, we all need more bounce in life!

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